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Providence, Rhode Island

We were tasked with designing a kitchen within the transitional style that would also serve as the small apartment's main dining area. The owner was in desperate need of storage as no additional storage can be found elsewhere within the home that would serve the kitchen. The design can be broken up into 3 sections: The first is the refrigerator section. It is encased with useful storage to make up for the lack of pantry. The second is the 10 foot long island with a quartz countertop that seats up to four people. It has plenty of closed storage as well as open shelving. The last section is the main working area. This section includes a dishwasher, a large double-basin undermount sink, the range, and a microwave/vent combo. The neutral palette was selected to enhance to natural daylight that flooded the space.

Contractor: G2 Remodeling, LLC

Photographs by: Jasmin and Jena


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