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Discover the power of our comprehensive existing conditions survey services tailored for architects, business owners, and homeowners alike. We offer on-site measurements, 3D scanning to create twin models, photographic documentation capturing every aspect of your structure or environment. Utilizing drones, we capture aerial perspectives to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the entire site. Our deliverables include CAD and PDF files, empowering you with accurate data crucial for informed decision-making and seamless project planning. Experience the difference with our integrated approach, ensuring your vision is realized with efficiency and precision.

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We offer existing conditions surveys. Utilizing laser measuring tools, 3D scanning, drones, and digital photographs to capture it all. We consult with you to determine areas of focus and outcomes before getting started.



Using 3D scanning during the survey, our team can produce and provide clients with digital twin models. This is a digital representation of the space captured useful for space planning and reduce on-site presence.



Utilizing on-site measurements and 3D scans, our team can produce 2D floor plans. We deliver drawings in CAD and PDF format providing you with set of base plans to get your conceptual process going.

What do I need to start a project?

Visit our CONTACT page to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers. We will explain the process and tell you what information we'll need from you.

Who owns the work?

All of the work we provide within your project scope will be owned by you. We only ask that you give us credit and write us a great review!

Are discounts available?

Yes. Discounts up to 10% are available if previously produced plans are made available and our services are for verification only. Other discounts may be available.

How much does it cost?

The cost of services mainly depends on the services you require, size, and complexity of the space(s) being measured. Standard cost can range from:

$0.25/SF - $0.85/SF

Can I pay after I get the finish product?

No. We will ask for 50% of the estimated cost up front and request the remainder after you have received and approved the final DRAFT with a watermark.

How long does it take?

Turnaround time depends on the service you require, complexity of the space, timely responses from you, etc. Standard timelines are as follow:

Existing Conditions Survey = 2-4HR

2D Floor Plan Production = 3-5Days

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with a 50% up front fee, building address, schedule, and access to all spaces needed to be measured. 

Are modifications free?

Yes, modifications are free. It is understood that modifications shall be less than 10% of the project workload. 

How will I communicate with you throughout the process?

You will be partnered with one of our designers for the duration of your project. All communications is done digitally (email, phone, online meetings, etc.).

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