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New Tools of the Trade

Traza Design

Mar 20, 2024

Traza Design Adopts the Latest in Technology

In recent months, Traza Design has incorporated several new technologies into our design toolkit, believing in the advancement they bring to our industry. First up is our latest addition, the 3D Camera utilizing photogrammetry, which allows us to capture existing conditions for various projects more comprehensively. By integrating Matterport, we can furnish clients with digital twin models of their spaces, proving invaluable for monitoring construction progress and project documentation.

Another noteworthy addition is our adoption of drone technology, now a staple at all our residential projects. These drones enable us to capture detailed images and videos of homes and their surroundings, enriching our drafting of existing conditions and facilitating before-and-after renderings—a highlight during field visits.

Moving on, our utilization of 3D rendering software has been pivotal. From Enscape for interactive online presentations to recently incorporating Lumion for remarkable renderings, 360-degree images, walkthroughs, and short films, keeping rendering processes in-house empowers us to offer enhanced services to our clientele.

Lastly, our documentation technology centers on Revit for 3D modeling, ensuring seamless production of construction documentation sets and stunning renderings without workflow disruptions. Leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology at the residential level enhances the functionality and efficiency of our drawing sets, allowing for constant modifications.

This encapsulates our technology integration. We believe it provides a glimpse into the transformative potential of technology, even for a modest-sized company like ours.

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