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Global Entrepreneurship Day At Bristol Community College

Traza Design

Nov 15, 2023

How We Did It: Starting and Growing a Business in Tech

Traza Design was invited to take part in Bristol Community College's (BCC) Global Entrepreneurship Day celebration by participating in a panel of speakers discussing their entrepreneur journey. Our very own Jorge Saenz was invited to attend. Jorge is a BCC alum having graduated with an associate degree in civil technology before pursuing a career in architecture.

"I was delighted to attend and share my experience with the students. I arrived a few minutes earlier so that I could take a stroll down memory lane by walking through the beautiful brick covered campus." - Jorge

The panel discussion included questions such as "where do you think business ideas come from? Why did you decide to start your own business vs working for someone else? What are some of the pitfalls and challenges you have faced and overcome?" The discussion was set up as a conversation between panelists and students. We were excited to join Shilpy Singh of New Bedford Maritime Innovation and co-founder of Robosys and Carlos Avila of the New Bedford Ocean Cluster. 

"As an alumnus I could see that my experience really resonated with the students. I am grateful for the training I received while I attended BCC and the opportunities, they were able to provide. I was honored when Anothony Ucci, Department Chair of Engineering and Dr. Adrienne Foster Scharf, Dean of STEM invited me to the event." - Jorge

The event was one part of a two-part event celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Day at BCC. The second event welcomed the regional tourism community from Charlton College of Business to present regional tourism data. Thank you to all who made the event possible and provided us with another wonderful opportunity to give back to our community.

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