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CONSTRUCTION TOUR - North Atlantic Carpenters Union Building

Traza Design

Jun 20, 2022

Traza Design recently took a tour of the local Carpenters Union branch building currently under construction.

We recently had the opportunity to tour the Carpenters Union building currently under construction in Warwick located off highway I-95. This was a project our very own Designer, Jorge Saenz worked on during his time at Vision 3 Architects.

We were excited to see the project is coming along nicely. While at the site, Jorge was able to walk us through some of the design details and the decisions that led to certain design choices.

Our favorite feature so far has to be the terracotta cladding that wraps around most of the structure making it stand out as we drove up to the site. We have more to come on this project as it begins to wrap up within the next couple of months.


Carpenters Union Facade
View From Highway Side

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