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Clambake Presentation at DESIGN x RI

Traza Design

Apr 30, 2022

How Efficient Design Can Enrich Our Lives

As an emerging design professional in Rhode Island, our director of operations, Jerry Batista was invited to be a guest speaker at Design x RI's 2022 Clambake.

With the freedom to discuss anything and everything, Jerry chose to present on the topic of connecting our everyday lives to architectural design intention, in a title called "How Efficient Design Can Enrich Our Lives".

This presentation described the affects of good design and bad design, with the two offering an array of psycological changes in experience for users in the commercial and residential sector.

"Designing efficiently takes more energy,
but, living happier is worth it in the long run."

We are thankful for the the opportunity to be selected by DESIGNxRI to deliver this presentation. It was wonderful to meet so many people who share the same passion to provide good design all accross our environments.

Founders Jorge Saenz (Left), Jerry Batista (Right)

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