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This phase fixes all of the information about the house into a detailed set of drawings and specifications that will be used by the Contractor for pricing and construction. Think of it as an instruction manual. Before beginning we’ll discuss whether you’d like to pursue a bid price contract, or a negotiated contract and we’ll craft the drawings and level of detail in those drawings based on that decision. For a typical project, we generate the following drawings:

• Site Plan
• Floor Plan(s)
• Foundation Plan
• Exterior Elevations
• Building Sections/Wall Sections
• Door + Window Details
• Interior Elevations
• Details (interior/exterior)
• Electrical / Lighting plans
• Building Specifications
• Schedules (Door/Window/Hardware/Plumbing/Lighting/Finish/Appliance, etc.)
• Structural Plans

Your contractor may submit the project for local permitting near the beginning of this phase to ensure any necessary changes can be folded in before the drawings are finalized. The local permitting process in Rhode Island is usually straightforward and simple. Complex sites may require an earlier start on the permitting process; however, this will be determined in the Predesign phase.

The construction documents phase will require less input from you as most of the decisions will have already been made. If there are outstanding finish selections or cabinetry design decisions, we’ll meet to confirm those.

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