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After the project is awarded and construction begins, we act as your agent on-site, monitor progress, and ensure conformance with the contract documents. We don’t tell the contractor how to do their work; we just make sure they are doing the things they are contractually promised to do.

This is a crucial part of the process, and we strongly advocate (YOU MAY REQUIRE INVOLVEMENT) being involved during construction. Not only does it ensure that all of the hard work we put into designing your vision is executed properly and according to the drawings we crafted, but we also find that it holds the Contractor to a higher standard of quality.

Invariably, there are things that we are just not able to draw or anticipate during the Construction Documentation phase. Involving us in the Construction Administration phase allows the project design vision to be integrated into the details of the home seamlessly. Designers and Contractors think very differently – which is good – but not every Contractor’s decision balances function and aesthetics.


We visit the site weekly to meet with the Contractor + Subcontractors to answer any questions and review progress + conformance with the Construction Documents. We will provide you with progress photos and send a weekly field report.


We review and certify the Contractor’s payment requisitions and review any change order requests. For work that requires clarification or alteration we’ll issue ‘sketches’ to facilitate the Contractor’s work.


At ‘Substantial Completion’ we work with the Contractor to generate a punch list and oversee its execution. And, at the end of the project a ‘certificate of final completion’ may be retrieved, and release of the final payment will be authorized.

This phase ends with the completed project, ready to move in.

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