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Traza Design is a residential design studio that believes in providing our clients with modern and truly creative ideas. From programming to construction documentation, we offer guidance and support throughout the entire design process. We work closely with clients to provide a cost effective and efficient design that will not compromise the project vision.


We are here to provide residential design services with edifying interpersonal client relationships. We are committed to striving for creative, client-focused, cost sensitive solutions through a clear, straightforward, and effective approach in our designs.

The Team

Jerry Batista + Jorge Saenz | Locally trained architectural designers and founders of Traza Design, LLC. Their passion for residential architecture, interior design, and visualization brought them together to deliver high quality, client-focused, and efficient design. They believe everyone deserves quality design solutions and each project is a creative opportunity.



Sheltered Home is an animated short film showcasing an original design by Traza Design. We prefer to keep all 3D visualization in house. This short film was created as a way to test and showcase the capabilities of workflow and software. We hope you enjoy! Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel to see more of our work.

Jenny D.

Working with Traza was a wonderful experience. We worked closely with Jerry to receive a blueprint, he was very helpful and responsive. We would definitely reach out again with future projects.

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